Projects with profile: BPN’s acquisition criteria

BPN concentrates its business in the markets surrounding its three business locations. Apart from regional priorities, there are other criteria we use to assess the option of purchasing a project. We have collated a clear overview of these for you in purchase profiles classified according to usage.

BPN purchase profile

We offer you the entire value chain of project development.

BPN turns your vision into marketable and profitable investments. If you wish, we can support you throughout the entire value chain of project development, from project initiation, through purchase of land, construction and marketing to lease or sale.

We have in-depth knowledge of the regional markets and a network of specialists. This means that we can prepare well-informed site surveys, implement feasibility studies, and advise you with individual economic viability calculations.

Depending on your requirements, we can also acquire suitable plots of land and handle the formalities with the local authorities to ensure that legal requirements are met.



Construction quality, timing and costs are always in view

We support and advise our clients at all times and throughout all phases of the project. That isn’t just an empty promise – it describes very precisely what project management is.

We provide our clients comprehensive advice on all financial and technical project matters. Even quite early on in the project we prepare cost estimates, monitoring and revising them continuously as it progresses. Regular status reports are provided to the owners and/or investors.

In addition to controlling their projects, BPN’s project managers coordinate all service provider and sub-contractor activities. Whether on-site or in the office, they manage all aspects of the construction project, ensuring that quality, timing and cost targets are met.

We cover the whole spectrum, from planning law to turnkey construction.

Our wealth of experience in all aspects of project development and property sales has expanded our know-how base – and with it our portfolio of services. Today we aren’t just project developers, but also property developers.

To achieve this, we acquire developed or undeveloped land, ensure that all planning and construction law requirements are met, manage the entire development and construction project, and conduct the marketing in compliance with all regulations governing real estate agents and property developers.

All this we do on behalf of and in the interest of our clients. Their trust in us is both obligation and motivation.



From foundation to finish.

We deliver a comprehensive, carefree package for your project. We undertake the turnkey implementation of your building project, including all of the necessary planning and implementation services.

Our years of expertise, our supervision of the specialist contractors, and our collaboration with a network of proven subcontractors all guarantee our compliance with timing and costs, as well as the excellent quality of the construction works.

Quality projects for a discerning clientele.

Nothing is more important to us than the quality of the projects we implement. This is evident by the fact that we market our properties ourselves. Our experienced and coordinated team markets a wide range of properties – from freehold flats to large-scale projects – for a discerning clientele.

Our marketing activities, targeted marketing strategies and a network of competent local partners guarantee the successful letting or sale of your properties and a lucrative return on investment for you.

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